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Our CAD Estimating programs take the construction process virtually from beginning to end. It starts with a CAD drawing and complete foundation quantity takeoff created based on the structural plan document specifications. This takeoff is then transformed into a detailed bid quote; each assembly individually built in our estimating program using the exact materials and labor amounts required. This also enables us to provide specific reports detailing specific material amounts, such as rebar, concrete quantities and labor man-hour totals. Finally, a proposal is created to communicate what we intend to include, exclude, as well as any project-specific provisions for the quoted price. These 3 documents are then provided to our customers, and can be a greatly beneficial tool for them to use with their clients in selling the project or discussing alternatives to elements of the project that may be unreasonably costly, and we are always happy to discuss alternatives that may provide the cost reductions needed to make the project happen. However, it is up to the structural engineer as to whether or not those alternatives are acceptable. It is a refreshing change from simply being quoted a number, without always knowing what that includes or even if it is reasonable. We provide the tools to compare any project apples-to-apples. Once the project is a go, the CAD drawing is further modified to provide our field crews with dimensions, panel/form layout and unit quantities, increasing construction efficiency by tailoring the structural plans to our specific needs, although the CAD drawings are never meant to be stand-alone for construction and are referenced extensively against the structural documents to ensure complete accuracy. Points can also be exported into our Robotic Total Station for quick and accurate layout, as well. Because all this is created ahead of time, any inconsistencies or omissions can be verified and addressed beforehand, as well as enabling any changes in design or scope to be returned quickly in an equally detailed manner, going further towards making SCD one of the most effectively efficient concrete contractors around. Bottom line, no surprises, you know exactly what you’re paying for, and if you don’t, never hesitate to ask, we’re more than happy to review our bids to ensure complete and mutual understanding.

  • Quick and accurate takeoffs of structural plans used for calculating materials & creating bids.
  • Vertical, horizontal and diagonal dimensions to assist the crews in foundation layout
  • Total Station Points exported to Robotic Total Station for caisson and footing layout
  • Form layout and form counts.
  • Reports detailing the materials, concrete and labor
  • 3D rendering capabilities